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Sun City Posse will have new leadership in new year

November 8, 2016

The Sun City Posse will have new leadership at the beginning of the new year.

The all-volunteer agency that provides a variety of public safety services will see its members elect a new commander in December, along with members of the board of governors. Members will make their selections for these positions during the annual election in December.

For the first time in several years, there will be more than one candidate for the commander’s position. Sergio Lorente and Mary Heiser each threw their names into the hat.

Mr. Lorente has served as the Posse treasurer. Ms. Heiser is the agency’s chaplain and training officer.

“It is good to have a choice for commander,” said Danny Moore, completing his second straight year in that position.

Posse members voted last year to adjust their bylaws to allow for a repeat commander when the only candidate for the 2016 post had to withdraw due to health. The change allows a commander to serve a second consecutive term if there are no commander candidates for the election.

Four Posse members stepped forward to be candidates for the agency’s board of governors. However, that is three short of the vacant seats on the 12-member panel, according to Dave Miller, Posse Election Committee chairman.

“The other board seats will be filled by appointment once the new board takes office in January,” he explained. “The commander and board make those appointments, and those for the lieutenants.”

The Posse’s Election Committee worked for more than one month to recruit candidates before the nominations were closed during the Nov. 1 monthly general membership meeting.

Posse members can get absentee ballots from members Annie Larson or Ginger Klein, or make a written request to the commander. Absentee ballot requests must be made no later than Wednesday, Nov. 16, according to Mr. Miller.

In-person balloting will be taken at the Posse’s general membership meeting 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6 at Posse headquarters, 10862 W. Sunland Drive.

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