Gianforte part of Trump era bullying

June 17, 2017

Some conservatives have justified Greg Gianforte’s thuggish behavior and have instead placed the blame on the liberal media. This is ridiculous! Gianforte’s violent assault on reporter, Ben Jacobs, is not a partisan issue. It is about the indefensible actions of one man. It is about common decency, integrity and civilized conduct.

It is unconscionable that a candidate for Congress would fly into a rage, grab a man by the neck, throw him to the ground, and then start punching him. This was witnessed by the Fox News team. And to make matters worse, he lied and blamed the incident on the “aggressive, liberal” reporter.

Sadly, since the advent of the Trump era, low-level insults, schoolyard bullying, and juvenile cruelty has become more commonplace. The fact that Gianforte has been praised for his violent behavior shows the level to which society has descended. Rush Limbaugh had this to say, “This manly, obviously studly Republican in Montana took the occasion to beat up a pajama-clad journalist.” Christian radio host, David Daubenmire, issued a “call to arms” to listeners of his podcast, urging more violent application of Christianity. Regarding Gianforte, he said, “They are saying, ‘Yes, a fighter! Go dude go.’ Who won? The dude that took the other dude to the ground.” This obnoxious man certainly does not represent the majority of good Christians yet it does indicate a growing tendency towards celebrating infantile bully behavior.

When I hear such nonsense, I am reminded of the Eckhart Tolle quote: “Power over others is weakness disguised as strength.”

Nancy Hufnagel