Best basketball players put on show at CCC All-Star game

June 17, 2018 GMT

The 2018 Central Community College All-Star boys’ basketball game was played Wednesday night and the players dazzled the crowd with their display of athleticism and hardwood prowess.

As soon as the game started everyone could tell the players were out there enjoying themselves.

The game started out slow as the players attempted to knock off the rust. At the end of the first quarter, Silver held a narrow lead over Black by a score of 11-10.

Columbus’ Blake Peterson was tied for the leading scorer for Black with three points as he hit a 3-pointer near the end of the quarter.


The second quarter was just as close as the first. Silver took a slight 26-24 point lead after the first half.

The third quarter started out and Silver expanded its lead. They outscored black 24-16 during the third quarter.

By the fourth quarter, both teams were out there just trying to put on a show, attempting dunks and alley-oops.

The Silver team closed out the game and won 63-57.

Perhaps no one on the court was having as much fun as Columbus’ Jaz Ackerson, who from the start of the game was talking and having fun out on the court.

“Through high school every game was serious play, so it’s fun to come out here with the best of the best and just have some fun,” said Ackerson.

Ackerson competed against two of teammates from Columbus, Peterson and Andy Pike.

“None of (my teammates) got put on my team, so I was talking mad crap before the game, told them I was gonna come out and beat them and we did,” said Ackerson.

Scotus’ Trevor Kaslon was the second leading scorer for the Silver team with 15 points.

Kaslon also enjoyed being able to get out on the court.

“It was just fun to play with some guys that I’ve competed against for years and it was just a blast playing around, messing around. It was fun all-around,” said Kaslon.

Despite the all-star game not being the most competitive affair, Kaslon was happy his team got the victory.

“It feels really good, because this is the first all-star game win I’ve had and this is my third game,” said Kaslon. “So, it’s about time I got a win.”

The Black team had a pair of Lakeview players on their team in Luke Rollman and Sean Donnelly.

Rollman was glad to be able to play one more game with Donnelly.

“It felt good,” said Rollman. “Me and Sean are really close. We’ve always been friends since about fifth grade, so it felt good to get back out here with him.”

Donnelly appreciated being able to play with some of the best players from around the area.

“It just feels pretty good,” said Donnelly. “I haven’t touched a ball in a while, so it kind of felt a little rusty, but seeing everyone else play is a lot of fun.”

Peter Huguenin is a sports reporter at the Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at peter.huguenin@lee.net