Elkhorn Valley Museum looking to give Johnny Carson exhibit a facelift

December 13, 2018

NORFOLK - The Elkhorn Valley Museum will be redesigning the Johnny Carson gallery which has not changed in close to 20 years.

At a press conference Wednesday Executive Director JoBeth Cox said today, exhibits need more interactive opportunities and a wide variety of media to reach and stimulate and up-and-coming generation of museumgoers.

“The new Johnny Carson gallery will be a sleek, immersive, and sensory experience with colors, textures, and type-styles that evoke a sense of 1960′s show business. Darker walls suggest visitors are stepping backstage, and pops of contrasting bright colors tell the Johnny Carson story in wall text, simulated scenes, and artifacts.”

Director of the Norfolk Area Visitors Bureau Traci Jeffery said the update will bring in visitors who have already seen the museum as well as new ones.

Campaign Consultant Ron Stauffer said they’ll get started on renovating it next spring and it might take four to five months to complete.

Stauffer said to redesign and update the exhibit, the museum is looking to raise $500,000.

Anyone looking to donate can contact the Elkhorn Valley Museum.