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List of Bombs in France

September 16, 1986 GMT

PARIS (AP) _ France has been a target for terrorists over the past two years. Here is a look at the major attacks, all in Paris except for that of March 17 in a Paris-Lyon train:


Feb. 22 - Bomb at entry to British store Marks and Spencers. One dead, 14 injured. Habib Maamar, arrested recently, admitted to setting the bomb for an unidentified contact.

March 29 - Bomb at Rivoli-Beaubourg cinema during Jewish film festival, 18 injured. No claim of responsibility.

Dec. 7 - Two bombs in the Printemps and Galeries Lafayette department stores, 35 injured. No claim at the time, but police believed they were the work of the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions.


Feb 3 - Bomb in Claridge shopping arcade on Champs Elysees injured eight, five seriously. The first attack claimed by Committee for Solidarity with Arab and Middle East Political Prisoners, demanding freedom for Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions leader Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

Feb. 3 - Bomb defused on top level of Eiffel Tower. No claim of responsibility.

Feb 4 - Explosion and fire at Gilbert-Jeune bookstore on Left Bank injured four. Claimed by committee for solidarity.

Feb 5 - Blast in FNAC-Sport sports store in Forum des Halles underground shopping center, nine injured, three seriously. Claimed by committee for solidarity.

March 17 - Explosion and fire in Paris-Lyon High-Speed Train near country town of Brunoy, 10 injured. Claimed by committee for solidarity.

March 20 - Bomb in Point Show shopping arcade on Champs Elysees. Two dead including Nabil Dagher, bomb carrier and friend of the imprisoned Abdallah, and 28 injured. Claimed by committee for solidarity.

March 20 - Explosive device defused at Chatelet subway station minutes after Point Show blast. No claim of responsibility.

July 6 - Bomb in offices of police in central Paris, one officer killed and 18 injured. Claimed by Direct Action, a loosely organized extreme leftist French terrorist group with links to the West German Red Army Faction. Bombing apparently not linked to Middle East.

Sept. 4 - Failed attack in express subway train at Gare de Lyon. Detonator exploded but did not ignite bomb. Claimed by committee for solidarity.

Sept. 8 - Bomb in post office in Paris City Hall killed one employee and injured 18 people. Claimed by committee for solidarity.

Sept. 12 - Lunchtime bomb in crowded cafeteria in La Defense business center, injured 40 people. Claimed by committee for solidarity and also by Partisans, which made a blanket claim for all Paris bombings since Dec. 7.

Sept. 14 - Bomb found in Pub Renault on Champs Elysees. Exploded when staff member and two policemen took it to basement. One policeman was killed, the two people were injured. Claimed by committee for solidarity and by Partisans.

Sept. 15 - Bomb in driving licence office of Paris police headquarters killed one and injured 51. Claimed by committee for solidarity.