Kate Mara kissed fiancé 10 years before they dated

May 24, 2017

Kate Mara first kissed Jamie Bell 10 years before they started dating.

The ‘Martian’ actress started dating her now-fiancé after meeting on the set of 2015 movie ‘Fantastic Four’ but the star has revealed she actually first crossed paths with her future husband over a decade before.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she explained: “We didn’t meet on ‘Fantastic Four’. We met like 10 years before. We did a screen test together and we had to kiss and it was very - I had to kiss many guys that day for the screen test.”

Kate has already chosen her wedding dress for the big day with the help of her stylist Johnny Wujeck.

She shared recently: “It’s taken care of. It’s not totally done yet. But yes, very easy, all because of [Johnny Wujek].

“I knew the designer. I knew before we really said it out loud. I knew in my head it was going to be that one. We both agreed. We knew what it was. Without saying what it is, we knew what it was.”

Kate and Jamie went public with their romance in May 2015, when they were spotted in Malibu, California.

A source said at the time: “They 100 per cent looked like they were a couple. They had their arms around one another the whole time and they looked totally in love.

“They were holding each other the whole time. They didn’t let go. They were hugging and walking with their arms around each other and were totally focused on one another. They were walking the dog, but even when the dog was running off they were still focused on each other.”