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The days after

April 28, 2019 GMT

After celebrating the Resurrection, how has the atmosphere in our home, church and community changed? Even as we were celebrating, hopefully we realized that it was not just about the dyed eggs, the new outfits, the rabbit or the lamb chops that we had as a part of our Passover feast. Did we celebrate in a daze and forget who was being celebrated? Was it truly about the risen Christ or did we get caught up in the music and the dancing and the beautiful array of colors and clothing displayed?

Many years ago, after all the loud thunder rolling, the lightning flashing, the thousand-pound rock being rolled away, the splitting of the veil, the open tomb and the body missing from the grave, did these incidents reduce or increase the fear experienced by the 11 disciples and others? Did these incidents increase the hope and faith of the people who witnessed the miracles? I wonder if the thinking and action of the people there at that time changed drastically for the better.

Even after all the suffering Jesus experienced on his way to Calvary, he still had his mind on his Father’s business. He had come to die for our sins. The risen savior returned to reassure the disciples that all was well. He was concerned about the hearts, souls and minds of his followers, especially Peter. According to the Bible, he remained in the earthly realm for 40 days, still determined that they might believe and have hope that one day they, too, would be resurrected. The disciples were no longer hiding because the Roman leaders believed that the troublemaker was dead and there was nothing else to worry about. Their earthly kingdom was safe, according to them.

That was then, but this is now. Now that our resurrection celebration is behind us, what is in front of us today? We have witnessed passion plays, listened to powerful, moving sermons, read Matthew’s, Mark’s, Luke’s and John’s versions of Yeshua’s walk to Calvary. According to the Gospel versions, that walk was not an easy one, but the walk was a must for Yeshua to take for those who believe.

After every major event in our lives, whether the event is positive or negative, there are major changes that must be made. After the birth of a baby, the entire house is usually turned upside to make sure the house is childproof. After a marriage, two become one and behavioral changes must take place. After a divorce, one has to become two again. After a death, all affected individuals must adjust, and even after major sickness those affected are forced by circumstances to make major changes.

What major changes have we made since the celebration of the Resurrection on April 21? The Resurrection was one of the greatest and most impactful events that will ever be for believers on this side of the sun. Have we decided to walk the straight and narrow path, keeping in mind that directly after the Ascension what the angels told the disciples also applies to us? His questions to them were, “Why are you standing here gazing after him? He told you that he was coming back. Do you want him to return and find you still gazing in the sky? Did he leave instructions about earthly things for you to carry out while he was away?” The angel told them to get in a hurry and be about their Father’s business.

Are we about our Father’s business or are we back to our business as usual, as if nothing took place thousands of years ago which impacts our lives today and will forever more. So, we can ask ourselves and others of the faith, are we carrying out the instructions left by the risen Christ?