Fairfield Fire Dept. says slow down and take your time

August 28, 2016 GMT

FAIRFIELD — After five motor vehicle accidents in one afternoon this weekend, the town’s fire department is asking drivers to slow down, buckle up and take their time.

“Everyone seems preoccupied and driving too fast,” said Assistant Fire Chief Erik Kalapir, who was involved in a Facebook post Saturday that urged drivers to take more care.

Accompanied by accident photos, the post noted “Late this afternoon Fairfield’s Emergency Services responded to five different motor vehicle accidents with injuries. Please remember to slow down, be aware of your surroundings, watch for bicyclists and most of all wear your seat belts.”

Kalapir said the five accidents was unusual for one afternoon, adding one of those accidents was serious and included injuries to a young child. He said lately there just seems have been an uptick in fender benders and crashes around town.

“We just wanted to warn drivers,” Kalpir said. “The day before there was an accident in which a child was not properly in a child seat. I know everyone is busy and running around. We just want to bring this to people’s attention.”