Hypocrisy In Today’s Politics

January 7, 2019 GMT

Editor: Hypocrisy is alive and well in politics today. Once, on a “hot mike” with video, our last president was caught telling then-Russian president Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more leverage with Russia once he was re-elected. Collusion? The party currently opposing securing our border with a physical barrier overwhelmingly voted for it in the recent past. Certain recently fired, high-level, biased employees of the last administration lied under oath but have not been charged with that crime. There were plenty of untrue statements made by the last administration but never were they analyzed as is being done with the current administration for word-for-word truthfulness. Our current president has a long list of documented accomplishments but to read or watch the news you would think the “end is near.” If you never insist on hearing both sides of any story you will eventually blindly believe everything you hear and read and become obsessed with hatred and revenge. It is wrong and a dangerous path for any one political party in a democracy who lost an election and can’t accept it to devote the taxpayers’ time to resistance and hatred instead of compromise and civility. George H.W. Bush’s mother always told him “hatred corrodes the container that carries it.” So true today, especially in politics. The truth is out there but only if you are smart enough to look for it and civil enough to accept it. J.E. Smith LARKSVILLE