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Oakdale annexation to get final council vote

January 13, 2019 GMT

FLORENCE, S.C. – The Florence City Council is scheduled to hold the second and final reading of a bill regarding an annexation in the Oakdale area of Florence County on Monday.

Bill No. 2018-20 would annex and zone five whole properties and a portion of two other properties in the city.

The whole properties are known by tax map numbers 00052-01-001, 00052-01-005, 00052-01-049, 00522-01-027, and 00075-01-022. The properties that will be partially annexed are known by the numbers 00075-01-021 and 00751-01-049. The owners of the properties are the Finklea Law Firm, South Florence Developers, the Palms Course, and R.B. Kennedy Properties.


The properties form something of a sideways “L” in connecting to city limits. The two partial properties form and 00075-01-022 form the top of the “L.” One portion of the property with the number 00075-01-021 is a 50-foot strip of Lake Oakdale. Later, this property expands into a portion of Lake Oakdale before turning and following the creek bed to the other properties.

The other properties are at the bottom of the “L.” The property with the numbers 00052-01-005 and 00052-01-049 are expected to be developed into small, single family homes. It is not yet known what the plans are for the other two properties.

If passed by the council upon second reading, the annexation and zoning would become effective seven days after the city’s zoning atlas is amended.

The bill was passed by the council upon first reading at its December meeting after several residents of the nearby community of Oakdale expressed their concerns. Their concerns are more related to the development of the property than the matter of annexation and zoning.

The meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m. in the City Council Chambers of the City Center. The city center is at 324 W. Evans St.