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Warrenville Scout Cabin renovation benefits community

November 19, 2018 GMT

A renovation effort in Warrenville has turned into a benefit for the community.

Mostly led by Hilda Hanks, the Warrenville Community Christian Council has renovated the Girl Scout cabin on Mint Street into a rental space for the community.

Hanks said the cabin started out as that: a cabin for the Girl Scouts to use. When they weren’t using it any longer, the women of local churches would use it for their “soirees,” Hanks said.

When that use dissolved, the cabin was given to the Warrenville Community Christian Council. It fell into disrepair, and Hanks decided she wasn’t going to let that happen.


It took a year and a half and a lot of effort to renovate. Hanks said she did everything imaginable for money: yard sales, estate sales, a raffle, bake sales, and she even sold doughnuts.

Among those who helped make the renovation happen were Julia Busbee, Randy Morgan, Bridgestone, Phil Napier, Danny Sanders, Lowe’s of Aiken and more, Hanks said.

“People are good,” Hanks said. “Sometimes, you know, The Valley has a bad reputation, but the people aren’t, they’re good people.”

The cabin has a new fridge and stove and toilet, but still has a lot of “originals” left. The cabinets, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, floors, fireplaces, and more are still the same as before the renovation, just a bit more polished.

Hanks hand washed the original dishes left over from the cabin’s Girl Scout days, and she mopped the floor more than a dozen times.

“My mama said I spent more time here than I did at home,” Hanks said.

Hanks said the reason she feels so passionately about the building is because it is emotional for her. It’s a historical building, she said, and she has some memories during her lifetime at that building.

She had her 16th birthday party at the cabin, and also had her first kiss there. (“I won’t tell you who,” Hanks said.)

The Warrenville community has memories there, too. Pictures of parties and a recent wedding at the cabin are posted on the wall. Hanks said she was talking to a woman about the project once who revealed that she, too, had her first kiss there.

Now that the renovation is complete, minus a few things here or there, the Council is hoping to rent it out for the community to use.

Hanks said they’ve had a few people plan parties, showers, weddings and more at the cabin.

Rental is $100, plus a $100 deposit you get back if the building is left in the same shape as before. It sits 60 people.

“We know by the time we pay the light bill and the water bill, we won’t be making a lot of money, but it’s for the use of the people around the community,” Hanks said.

“I’m mighty proud of it,” she said.

For more information about the cabin, call 803-663-3593.