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Do whatever you want

May 17, 2019 GMT

There are people out there who are living their lives for other people, instead of the way they want. I’m sorry to say this, but it’s pathetic. Life is too short to not do whatever you want whenever you want.

Look, I never claimed to be a cool guy or a “rebel.” All I know is I’m living my life to the fullest. All my friends come to me to complain, telling me how stressed out they are from school or work and how they don’t even care about that stuff. Then, when I suggest they just don’t do it, they label me as irresponsible. Quite honestly, wouldn’t wasting your life and making yourself unhappy be even more irresponsible? Life is already a dumpster and a half. There’s no need to add more trash.


I never claimed to be a role model, either. I skip class, I haven’t done homework in years and I just sort of run on impulse, which I find nothing wrong with. If it isn’t at the expense of others, who cares? Also, to all those people who keep telling me I’m throwing my life away or that I “shouldn’t give up,” please shut up and leave me alone. I did not ask for your input. It’s my life, not yours. Stop acting like you’re actually interested in being a good person rather than feeding your ego.

Yes, I make jokes I shouldn’t make. I say things I shouldn’t say. Do I care? No. Because it’s very funny. Here’s the thing: I believe you can be offensive and no joke is off limits as long as you’re funny about it. Which I am. I don’t even care if you’re not funny, but if you ain’t “got it,” it doesn’t even come off as offensive; it just comes off as cringeworthy. Some people want to be funny and they want to be edgy, but you just have to have it. It’s not something you learn. It’s both a gift and a curse.

If following the social norms makes you happy and it’s how you want to shape your life, great. All I’m trying to say is: Your life is your life. You should do as you please. You didn’t ask to be born, and I’m sorry to say, but life happens to you, not for you. So you might as well make the best of it. Just don’t hurt others in the process. That is not very cash money.

Isaiah Delgado-Flores is a junior at Pojoaque Valley High School. You can contact him at bubbadukes2002@gmail.com.