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Town Prosecuting Two Women for Drinking Coffee on the Beach

September 16, 1995 GMT

BELLEAIR SHORE, Fla. (AP) _ Mother and daughter say they were sipping iced coffee on the beach while watching the sunset. The mayor says they were breaking the law.

Dixie Bottari, 48, an astrologer from nearby Belleair Beach, and her daughter, Magica Bottari, a 28-year-old actress from Chicago, were issued $30 tickets Aug. 30 for having the drinks.

Food and beverages are prohibited on the Gulf shores in this Central Florida community of 57 homes, many costing more than $1 million.

``You have to defend your ordinances and ... your town,″ Mayor Robert Clayton said.


Dixie Bottari pleaded innocent Friday, and another court date was scheduled Nov. 17. ``I think the whole thing is a waste of time and silly. I shouldn’t be here,″ she said after leaving Pinellas County Court.

Her daughter, who is back in Chicago, has two more weeks to enter a plea. She has not decided whether to fight the citation.

``It’s so clear that these rules or laws or whatever they are are not about keeping peace or keeping harmony,″ Magica Bottari said. ``They are about controlling people and making people feel unwelcome.″