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Magazine: Rob Lowe Passed Out After Making Sex Tape

August 5, 1989 GMT

ATLANTA (AP) _ Rob Lowe passed out after videotaping two young women making love to each other, and the women took $200, a bottle of pills and the tape from the actor’s hotel room, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

The women began circulating copies of the tape the next day, according to the article in Aug. 24 editions of the magazine.

The article also said most segments of the tape shown on television newscasts showed a Lowe sex escapade in Paris, not the encounter with then-16- year-old Jan Parsons and her friend, Tara Seburt, at a hotel here during the Democratic National Convention last summer.

The videotape consists of three segments, starting with an episode with Lowe and a male and a female friend in Paris before he went to Atlanta for the convention, Rolling Stone said.

The second segment shows Lowe’s visit to an Atlanta Braves baseball game with California Assemblyman Tom Hayden and the third, seven-minute section shows the hotel encounter on July 18, 1988.

The movie star and Miss Parsons met at Club Rio, a downtown dance club, Rolling Stone said.

The magazine quoted the club’s publicity director, Susan Sullivan, as saying Miss Seburt called her the morning after the tape was made to tell her about it.

Ms. Sullivan said Miss Seburt told her she and Miss Parsons they videotaped the encounter with Lowe and that when he passed out, they left, taking $200 from his wallet, the pills and the tape, Rolling Stone said.

Miss Seburt wanted to know if the club could make copies of the tape, Ms. Sullivan said.

The club could not make copies, but the young women arranged through a friend at a hair salon where they worked to have a video freelancer make copies, Rolling Stone said.

Two copies were available the day after the taping, and tapes were soon circulating.

Publicist Lisa Kasteler of PMK public relations in Los Angeles, which represents Lowe, refused Friday to comment on the report that the women were the source of copies of the tape or on the effect the scandal has had on Lowe’s career. Lowe is filming a movie called ″Bad Influence.″

Lowe declined to be interviewed for Rolling Stone’s article, and Kasteler would not provide his number. A telephone call Friday to the home of his Atlanta attorney, Edgar Neely III, was not answered.

Last week, Lowe agreed to perform 20 hours of community service in Los Angeles over two years to avoid prosecution.

Miss Parsons’ mother, Lena Arlene Wilson Parsons, brought the video encounter into the public eye in May when she filed a civil lawsuit against Lowe, saying he seduced her then-minor daughter. The lawsuit is pending.