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17 FOR 17: Nicholas Mayes

April 20, 2018 GMT

Nicholas Mayes began his investment in RMS 17 for 17 by participating in the 17 minutes of silence at Rome Middle School to honor the 17 students who lost their lives in Parkland, Fla. He set a personal goal he has asked the RMS Leadership Team to adopt, which is to meet 17 new people during 17 for 17.

This project, 17 for 17, is Rome Middle School’s way of honoring the Parkland 17 who lost their lives as a result of school violence and a way to create a healthy culture at RMS. For the 17 days, students implemented 17 acts of kindness throughout the school.

“If we get serious about meeting new people, then we all will have more friends. By focusing on positive things, we can create a support system for others and help to make Rome Middle School place where students can turn to for help when they are down. This is something I feel we will continue to do every day. I can already tell a difference in our school.”