Comedian Josh Sneed covers people watching, fast food restaurants and more in new special

January 1, 2019 GMT

If this whole comedy thing doesn’t work out for Josh Sneed, he has something to fall back on: Cincy Shirts.

Cincy Shirts, which Sneed co-founded with Darin Overholser, puts a little Cincinnati pride in all of its products.

Some general, like shirts in support of local sports teams, and others with references only locals would understand like Holtman’s Donuts and the Loveland Frogman.

But from the looks of it, Sneed is doing just fine on the comedy front. He headlines the Spokane Comedy Club on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

In 2004, the Cincinnati native performed at “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival in Montreal and, in his television debut, appeared on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend.”


In 2007, Comedy Central again came calling, asking Sneed to perform at the first South Beach Comedy Festival and releasing “Comedy Central Presents: Josh Sneed.”

The next year, he placed second in Comedy Central’s Annual Stand-up Showdown Competition and released an album called “Unacceptable” on Comedy Central Records.

Sneed followed that up with “Unsung Hero” in 2014. He regularly appears on the nationally syndicated “The Bob and Tom Show,” and earlier this year, he released “Live in the Desert” for Dry Bar Comedy.

In that special, Sneed covers everything from couples who wear matching airbrushed t-shirts and tips for people watching (Gatlinburg, Tennessee is “prime pickings,” according to Sneed) and two-in-one fast food restaurants.