Israel says Gaza militants fire more than a dozen rockets

June 27, 2018 GMT

JERUSALEM (AP) — More than 12 rockets were launched from Gaza toward southern Israeli communities early Wednesday, the Israeli military said.

There were no fatalities or wounded in the attack and the military said its Iron Dome defense system intercepted some of the rockets.

The barrage came after Israeli aircraft targeted a vehicle belonging to a Hamas militant involved in launching incendiary kites that have sparked fires in recent weeks. Hamas is the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza. The military said there were no casualties in the strike.


The military said it also struck two Hamas observation posts and no one was hurt.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said the Israeli strikes “required a quick response from the resistance.”

The recent flare-ups come amid nearly three months of intermittent mass Palestinian protests along the Gaza frontier organized by Hamas.

Israel says it is defending its border and nearby communities and accuses Hamas of using the protests as cover for attempts to breach the fence and carry out attacks.

Later on Wednesday, the military later said it opened fire at three Palestinians who “were sabotaging the security fence and attempted to infiltrate into Israel.” The military had no additional details.

Reports in Gaza media said four people involved in that shooting were evacuated to a hospital.