Man arrested for disorderly conduct after he’s seen walking nude in his neighborhood

August 14, 2018 GMT

KANKAKEE — Jeffery A. Henecke, of Kankakee, was arrested for disorderly conduct by Kankakee police after he was accused of walking naked in the 200 block of North Ninth Avenue on Aug. 9.

According to a police report, the 60-year-old Henecke was nude when he walked in front of a neighbor’s home while she was in her front yard playing with her children.

The witness said Henecke ran back to his home two houses away and put clothes on. Henecke then walked around the corner toward police and the woman identified him.

The neighbor said this is not the first time Henecke has walked nude in the neighborhood. She has warned him to “not be near her children or property.”