Reasons to Be Grateful at Any Age

November 22, 2018

At Dracut COA, attendees share what they’re most grateful for this year

By Amaris Castillo


DRACUT -- Seniors gathered at the Council on Aging last Friday for a special Thanksgiving luncheon. Seated at round tables throughout the main dining hall, they chatted while a pianist performed over meals of carved turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. With Thanksgiving less than a week away, The Sun asked a few attendees what they are most grateful for this year -- big or small. Below are their answers.

Claudette Cole, 79, of Dracut

“I’m grateful for my good health, my family, and my two wonderful great grandchildren. And I’m about to get a new great granddaughter. That’s what I’m grateful for.”

Richard Carignan, 71, of Dracut

“I’m grateful for my friends and family. That’s what I’m grateful for. I get to see them everyday. Everybody’s still alive. And my social security check.”

Peter Lachiana, 77, of Dracut

“I’m grateful that I know all these people.”

Julia Seto, 71, of Dracut

“I’m grateful for good health, good friends, family. That’s about it. I’m happy.”

Fran Desmarais, 73, of Dracut

“Just good health, my family, my friends. Being able to come here to the center and help the senior citizens. I’m very lucky to be a volunteer here.”

Betty Bonin, 68, of Dracut

“My family because we’re all healthy and we’re close. We just love being together, all of us. Good health. Retirement is wonderful. No rules. It’s great.”

Wayne Scott, 61, of Lawrence

“I’m grateful for my wife and daughter. Everybody’s healthy and happy.”

Jacqueline Chausse, 78, of Dracut

“My family and where I live. It’s a great place to live. People are very, very good there. They’re very, very good: the maintenance guy, the office girls, and the director. They take good care of us. Did I say my family?”

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