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Leading Swede Labor Newspaper Closes

September 30, 2000

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) _ More than 113 years after it was founded, Labor-oriented Arbetet newspaper published its last edition Saturday.

Based in Malmoe, Sweden’s third-largest city, Arbetet was a pillar of the labor-oriented papers with ties to the Social Democratic party that has dominated the country’s governments for most of the last century.

Through the 1980s, Arbetet was a financial and editorial success. But circulation dwindled by about one-half to 56,000 copies a day and it declared bankruptcy last month, due partly to changing readers’ habits and increased competition from online outlets and free newspapers.

Immediate closure was forestalled by pledges of financial support which in the end never materialized.

About 2,000 supporters gathered at Arbetet’s printing plant Friday night to get their final copies hot off the press.

About 300 employees in Malmoe and Goteborg lost their jobs. Arbetet was founded Aug. 6, 1887.

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