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Police: Stranger Danger Claim Was Made Up

January 27, 2019

DRACUT -- Police say a 13-year-old boy’s report that a stranger approached him and asked him to get into his pickup truck on Wednesday after school was a fabrication.

Police said they began investigating the report on Wednesday, after the boy told his mother that the stranger approached him after he got off the school bus on Clement Road on Wednesday about 2:30 p.m.

The boy said he was walking home from his bus stop when a man in a pickup truck approached him and asked him to get into the truck.

Police said the report generated several inquires from the media, and “significant attention” on social media.

Police said that as their investigation into the matter unfolded, the 13-year-old admitted that he made the story up.

Dracut police said in a press release that they now consider the matter closed.