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Can’t You Read the Signs?

December 18, 2018

I have come to the conclusion that signs mean nothing.

At Coggshall Park, there has been for a long time a sign that says “Do Not Feed the Fist.” Not 10 feet in front of the sight is a lady with two small children throwing bread in the water.

Now go to Route 2 and see the signs that say “50 mph.” If you see one car under 80 mph, it’s because they are having engine trouble.

In the summer there are signs, “Do Not Walk on Grass.” Here come the paper boy, the postman and delivery man, all walking across the lawn.

The best one is a sign on Main Street that says “No Parking, Cars Will be Towed.” Why bother walking across the street using all that energy when you can park next to the store?

So much for those signs. Save your money, buy a cold beer and relax.



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