No Wayne debate

September 12, 2018 GMT

There will be no gubernatorial debate in Wayne — sponsored by Wayne Area Economic Development — after representatives of the two candidates could not agree on details pertaining to the proposed Sept. 21 event.

Mark Fahleson, an attorney representing the Pete Ricketts campaign, said he sent numerous emails to representatives of the Bob Krist campaign seeking a meeting so that details about the event could be ironed out. The Krist campaign didn’t respond to the emails, a spokesman for the campaign said.

At least some of the disagreement was over the media’s role in the event. The Ricketts campaign had sought to have the Daily News and News Channel Nebraska as media partners and have Kent Warneke, editor of the News, as moderator. The head of Wayne Area Economic Development, however, secured Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET) as the entity that would produce, sponsor and broadcast the event.

Early Tuesday, a press release from the Ricketts campaign said, “Having not responded to Mr. Fahleson’s message and all other attempts to arrange a meeting, the Krist campaign has canceled the Wayne debate.”

A spokesman for the Krist campaign said he believes that’s an inaccurate statement because Krist previously agreed to the Wayne event and remains ready to participate.