Colombia throws 2 dissident rebels out of peace process

September 14, 2019 GMT

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Two leaders of Colombia’s once largest rebel group have been kicked out of the nation’s transitional justice system after taking up arms again.

The Special Peace Jurisdiction announced Friday that the rebels known as Jesús Santrich and El Paisa will no longer benefit from protections of the peace accord.

Both men were seen in a recent video dressed in fatigues and vowing to wage war against Colombia’s government, accusing it of betraying the peace deal. Magistrate Eduardo Cifuentes called them “deserters” who have “turned their back on the peace process.”


The decision means the men will not be protected from extradition and could face charges in Colombia’s ordinary courts for any crimes.

The dissident rebels represent a small but vocal minority, as most ex-combatants remain committed to the deal.