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Get to Know: Amy Barrett

September 11, 2018 GMT

Amy Barrett

Job: Barista at Ristretto Coffee Lounge and Wine Bar

Lives in: Mount Vernon

Born in: Hokkaido, Japan

How do you take your coffee? Black Americano

What’s that best part of your job? “I get to have coffee first thing in the morning, and I love to see the community in this area. I’ve lived here for about a year and a half, but I never got to know the people like I have since working here. “

What are you looking forward to this fall? “Cozy sweaters, fires and cuddling with my cat.”

What’s the best part of living here? “The nature. I love being close to the river.”

What are you reading right now? “I’m reading some Hemingway in English. It’s interesting because I’ve read it in Japanese, and the English version is so different. I’m finding out whoever translates impacts how it reads.”

What’s your favorite movie? “Right now it’s ‘Mood Indigo.’”

What did you want to be when you were younger? “I wanted to be an artist, and I’m kind of getting closer to that! I do oil painting and embroidery.”

What was your first job? “Working at a Japanese noodle shop.”

What would be your spirit animal? “An otter. Whenever I go to the river, the otters show up. It’s crazy. So I think they are my spirit animal.”

What is something you’re proud of? “That I moved to the U.S. My dad was from Oregon, and I always wanted to move to the U.S. to find my roots. So I’m proud that I’m here right now.”