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Watch out for “package pirates”

November 26, 2018 GMT

NORFOLK - Last year online transactions on Cyber Monday reached a record $6.59 billion and that number is expected to increase this year.

If you buy anything online Monday or any day you’re encouraged to watch out for the growing number of people stealing packages off of doorsteps.

Norfolk Police Captain Mike Bauer said just last week alone they had eight to ten theft reports of packages that were stolen from peoples door steps.

Bauer says there are multiple things you can do to try and minimize package theft.

“A prime example that can be done is leaving a note on the door saying please put any boxes in a specific location. If you’re good friends with your neighbor and they’re going to be home you might be able to have the mailman deliver your package at that address. Not everyone is able to do this, but you might be able to have your packages delivered to your workplace.”


Bauer also says a lot of people are starting to use security cameras to protect their packages.