A visual history of Thanksgiving in Cleveland (vintage photos)

November 23, 2017 GMT

A visual history of Thanksgiving in Cleveland (vintage photos)

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Photographers from The Plain Dealer and Cleveland.com have documented various Thanksgiving celebrations for decades, and with the holiday now upon us, we took to our archives to find some of those pictures.

Some more obscure Thanksgiving traditions are captured in the images, such as the annual Turkey Trot - a road race that takes place often in the bitter cold on Thanksgiving morning - along with the championship of a city football tournament organized in part by The Plain Dealer that took place decades ago.

The gallery above also includes pictures of volunteers feeding the hungry on Thanksgiving Day. Among those volunteers are celebrities like LeBron James and politicians like Dennis Kucinich.

The images even include a photograph of a Liberty Bell replica taken to Independence and rung for the first time on Thanksgiving Day in 1975.

Scroll through the gallery above to see our best Thanksgiving pictures.