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Kurt Krueger: No respect for McCain

September 10, 2018 GMT


I would like to respond to the letter titled “a respectful resistance” in your Sept. 7 opinion page. The author states, “we can hold hands silently in the spirit of McCain and turn our butts to Trump in a very respectful way.” For every yin there is also an equal yang. I am one of those military vet deplorables that voted for President Trump. I have absolutely no respect for John McCain. I know of no military personnel that does respect him. There is a reason why the high ranking military officers referred to McCain as “songbird John.” While he was in politics, he was called a “maverick.” Everybody thought that was cute. Get out your dictionary and look up “maverick:” It’s an individualist, a nonconformist, one who doesn’t follow the rules. McCain was a traitor to his party and to the people who voted for him.

McCain’s DC friends were liberals and RINOs. Why do you think Hillary Clinton called him “my favorite Republican?” He was also instrumental in getting a phony dossier to the FBI and DOJ to destroy the Trump presidency. And I’m suppose to respect him? I don’t think so.

Going off subject just a little, while everyone has their dictionaries out, we hear on a daily basis that “diversity makes us stronger”. What does your dictionary say about “diversity?”

”Unlikeness, differences, a variety.” Diversity is a derivative of the word “division.” Just exactly where did diversity make anyone stronger? Was it with the Yankees and the confederates? The Christians and the Muslims in Syria? How about ANTIFA and Trump supporters? Or, maybe, those that respect John McCain and those that can’t stand him? Where is this “strength”?

Kurt Krueger

Lake Havasu City