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Sandee Samoska: The party that fights everything

November 8, 2018 GMT


In the 1940s we fought World War II. We had rationing of meat, sugar, gasoline, nylons, tires, and more.

We had flyers dropped from the sky warning us to adhere to blackouts that week and neighbors helped each other cover windows to keep the light in, and at times we were ordered to our basements with no more light than a flashlight. Through all that people got along. We were all on one team, team USA. We weren’t Democrats or Republicans, we were Americans.

In the ’50s and ’60s, Democrats and Republicans fought each other during elections and came together the rest of the year to fight for what was best for the people of the USA. Our going into Vietnam changed all that.

I can just imagine what Everett Dirksen and other Democrats of that era would think of the Democratic Party of today. I hear them rolling over in their graves.

Even with World War II, the ’40s, ’50s, and the early ’60s were a much happier time in America.

Now Democrats resist and fight against anything the president or the Republicans propose from a Supreme Court nominee to controlling our borders. If the Democrats have their way, all caravans of illegal aliens (call them what they are, no more political correctness) would be allowed into the U.S., and they would all be given Medicare, jobs, cellphones and cars, while putting people born in America out of work.

Democrats are not working for the Americans they represent, they are working for to overthrow of the current government because they are sore losers. They cannot and will not accept that the Republicans, and most especially President Trump, won the 2016 election. Now they want to change how we vote (Electoral College), as well as denigrate anyone who disagrees with them.

Look at the shameful antics of Maxine Waters, Cory Booker and many other Democrats during the hearings for the Supreme Court justice. Look at the people harassing our senators, representatives, and employees of this administration at restaurants and airports. Look at the mobs banging on the Supreme Court doors. Look at the mobs beating up someone for wearing a Make America Great Again ball cap.

If you ever needed a reason to vote Republican just read, watch or listen to the current news.

Sandee Samoska