Brown Mackie to forgive loans of qualifying, former students

September 8, 2016 GMT

More than 80,000 former Brown Mackie College students across the nation are set to receive some form of loan forgiveness as part of a November lawsuit settlement.

The Pittsburgh-based Education Management Corp, which owns for-profit institutions including Brown Mackie College, in June announced the closure of 22 of the 26 Brown Mackie campuses across the country over the next few years, including the Salina campus.

The Salina campus, which has stopped enrolling new students, will remain open until the current students in two- and four-year programs complete their courses of study. The campus is expected to remain open until at least 2018 and the sports programs are expected to continue throughout the process.

The news came shortly after Education Management reached a $95.5 million settlement with attorneys general in 39 states and the District of Columbia, the U.S. departments of justice and education and four private plaintiffs, in regard to investigations into the company’s past recruitment practices.

Another part of the settlement is the forgiveness of more than $100 million in student loans to students who left Brown Mackie within 45 days of their first term between 2006 and 2014.

Each qualifying former student and each of the credit reporting agencies were to be notified of the settlement.

The settlement will be paid through 2022.

Judy Holmes, president of the Salina campus, declined to comment on the loan forgiveness program. Education Management Corp. spokesman Bob Greenlee did not respond to a call.

Current and former students who have questions about whether they are eligible for student loan forgiveness should call a number set up by the Education Management group for answering questions at 1-888-410-8034 or go online to brownmackieloanforgive ness.com.