With unusually wet winter, Havasu is no longer considered to be in drought area

March 14, 2019

Wet enough for you? The rain that drenched Lake Havasu City Tuesday morning was the latest in a string of storms that have made for an unusually wet year. So wet, in fact, that Lake Havasu City has had more than three times the rain it had the previous year – and there are still more than 200 days left in the water year calendar.

On Tuesday alone, Havasu had .79 inches of rain according to the rain gauge at the Mohave County government building on College Drive.

“Last year, there was no real seasonal precipitation, at least not to the degree we’ve seen this year,” said Alex Boothe, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Las Vegas office.

Boothe said the National Weather Service’s drought map shows Lake Havasu City is no longer listed as being in a drought area. “Since the beginning of March, the percentage of severe to moderate drought dropped to about 50 percent land coverage for Mohave County,” he said. “Havasu was in a D3 to D4 drought, which is extreme drought, but it’s been completely eradicated due to this above-normal precipitation in a short amount of time.” He cautioned that the area could easily slip back into drought conditions if dry weather resumes.

Since Oct. 1, Havasu has had 4.8 inches of rain. For the entire 2017 water calendar year, which runs from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30, the area had 1.26 inches. Most of this year’s total has been since Jan. 1, because of a string of low-pressure winter storms that have moved south far enough to grab tropical moisture and pull it inland, Boothe said. Since Jan.1, Havasu has had 3.24 inches of rain according to the gauge at the Lake Havasu City’s airport, the Weather Service’s measuring point for climate conditions in this area.

However, Tuesday’s rain will likely be the last residents will see of rain for another week or so – sunny skies are in store for this weekend.

“You’ll get a break in the weather, and we haven’t had many lengthy breaks this season,” Boothe said.

That’s good news for event organizers in Havasu. The annual renaissance faire, a triathlon and a new Irish-themed event called PaddyFest are scheduled for this weekend.

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