‘Get Some Tour’ returns to Havasu

May 22, 2019 GMT

The Get Some Tour returns to Lake Havasu City this week with some additions to the show’s format, lineup, and venue.

Tim Colceri, performer of the Get Some Tour’s one man show, expressed delight in being back in Havasu after performing here earlier this year. “It’s rewarding to be back because people have seen the show now, and they think they know what to expect. What ends up happening is that people find one part of the show that sticks with them, and that’s all they remember. Since I am improving my delivery and reworking parts of the show, it is more obvious what works and what doesn’t. Our subsequent performances since have been extremely polished.”


Part of what drives Colceri to continually perfect his performance is his past working with acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick on “Full Metal Jacket,” where Colceri had a starring credit as a door gunner with an extended interaction with the film’s protagonist. Kubrick had taken 13 takes of that scene himself, with Colceri doing additional takes with just the film crew. Even with the many takes done under his direction, Kubrick ended up using one of the takes he had not filmed. ”That was just how good of a director Stanley Kubrick was, he was willing to look at all of the film his crew collected and then use what fit the best for the purpose of the film’s themes and story.”

Colceri originally auditioned and received the role of the film’s drill sergeant, which had instead been given to late actor R. Lee Ermey during production. Colceri found out about his role change from a letter written to him by Kubrick. Colceri replied with a letter of his own, one that “deeply upset” Kubrick. Both reconciled, with Colceri still receiving credit for the work he did behind the scenes on the film. Overtime, Colceri has accepted the importance of his role in the film, focusing on the movie’s point of the duality of human behavior.

The show will include a performance by country music star Matt Farris in addition to the comedic-storytelling show with Tim Colceri. Both will be at the Refuge on Friday, May 24. Doors open for the show at 6 p.m., and the show starts at 7. Tickets are $25 with donations going to the Havasu Community Health Foundation, the Disabled American Veterans, Lake Havasu City’s Military Moms, and Marine Corps League #757.