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North Sanpete to revise community wildfire protection plan

January 18, 2018 GMT

FAIRVIEW — North Sanpete Wildfire Council will meet at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 23, at the Indianola Valley Fire Department station to update the 2015 Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

The meeting is intended for all residents, property owners and visitors in the North Sanpete County communities located north of Milburn, on both the east and west sides of Highway 89.

For additional information, contact Kathi Walters at (435) 427-3238.

The meeting is a forum for attendees to share ideas, desires and opinions on how to make communities safer with regard to wildfire. Such contributions become projects that should be considered prior to a wildfire incident. Many of them might be carried out as community service projects, while some might require help from outside resources.

There is a mechanism for the communities to obtain that help. It consists of keeping simple records of work done individually or collectively to mitigate fuels at properties, and reporting the information to designated fire officials on forms provided. By doing this, the communities receive in-kind matching credit for labor and any equipment used. That credit supports applications for in-kind matching grants, which may fund the much-needed help from outside resources.

Please attend the meeting, become a part of the North Sanpete Wildfire Council, and learn how to make communities safer.