All candidates should be in debates

August 21, 2018

Editor, Daily Times:

Another general election is coming soon and there are several statewide races including governor and U.S. senator. The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation, as it has for many years, is again going to have at least one televised debate for those two races. It seems just as long, they refuse to invite any candidates that are not Republicans or Democrats.

Despite what the WBA Foundation seems to think, there are other candidates for governor who will be on the ballot this fall. Yes, those candidates don’t have millionaires and billionaires shoveling money into ads that will air on WBA member stations but should that be the criteria for having candidates in the debates? To me, this appears to be payback to those campaigns that will get to have their candidates on television for free for an hour or more when normally they would have to pay big money to do so. The WBA Foundation gets to decide who is in the debates and the member stations get wheelbarrows full of cash to run ads. Why is this happening? Because we will let them do it.

Debates should include all of the candidates that have met the criteria to be on the ballot. I am personally involved in the campaign of Libertarian Party candidate for governor Phillip Anderson and I can tell you it is very hard for a candidate ignored by press, not backed by enormous party apparatus and not funded by millionaires and billionaires to get enough signatures to get on the statewide ballot. Try finding the time to get over 2,000 signatures. I was there with Phil going door to door.

The time has come to look outside the two parties that promise you more of the same. Look at a bold, independent choice for governor, Libertarian Phillip Anderson.

Jeff Kortsch


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