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Stop the desecration of monuments -- Ron Royston

April 21, 2018 GMT

As a veteran, I look at the service monuments as the history of people who answered the call of their country as they saw it then.

Many of these fallen men at Confederate Rest were drafted, as was I, and proudly served their country, as did I. We must stop this desecration of the monuments to their memory. General Ulysses S. Grant paroled the Confederate soldiers when Vicksburg fell after a long and bloody siege. Lincoln pardoned the entire Confederate armed forces.

Let them speak to us on this issue. Many of the people who want these monuments removed hate anything having to do with the military, and I don’t know why.

If I asked the people of Mount Horeb and Stoughton to remove their Norwegian flags because the Vikings terrorized my ancestors in England, I know what the answer would be.

Not the same? Yeah, it is.

Ron Royston, Mount Horeb