Police: Stamford murder suspect to be arraigned for skipping earlier sentencing

May 24, 2019 GMT

STAMFORD — A Stamford man who police have identified as their suspect in the stabbing death of another man on Frederick Street Wednesday night appeared at the Stamford courthouse early Friday afternoon in a white paper jumpsuit and was arraigned on charges that he skipped a sentencing earlier this year that would have prevented the murder from ever happening.

The suspect in the killing, illegal immigrant Alonzo Perez-Mateo, skipped a court date in February when he was supposed to be sent to jail for a maximum nine months on convictions for second-degree assault and driving under the influence charges.


Sgt. Sean Boeger, the lead investigator in the Frederick Street murder case, confirmed that Perez-Mateo, 30, of Warren Street is the suspect in the homicide. Perez-Mateo has not been charged with the death of the 54-year-old man who after being stabbed was found by police collapsed in a pool of his own blood on Frederick Street near Cove Road late Wednesday night.

Appearing in the paper suit after police seized his clothing as evidence in the Wednesday night murder, Perez-Mateo remained silent while Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Nemec said that Perez-Mateo jumped bond and skipped his sentencing in February where he was supposed to be given the nine-month sentence.

Saying that “there is another warrant coming down for a very serious matter,” against Perez-Mateo, Nemec asked Judge Bruce Hudock to put a $300,000 court appearance bond on him.

Despite public defender Mark Welch’s insistence that Perez-Mateo made it to 19 earlier court dates without fail on his pending criminal cases, Hudock sided with Nemec.

On the strength that a new warrant is coming, Hudock said he would put $150,000 bonds on each of Perez-Mateo failure to appear warrants.

The bond commissioner said that Perez-Mateo, a native of Guatemala, has been in the United States for six years and has a sixth-grade education.

Capt. Richard Conklin said Perez-Mateo admitted to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents that he came into the United States illegally and a federal detainer has been placed on him.

Perez-Mateo, variously is called a landscaper and carpenter in court records, pleaded guilty to the assault and driving under the influence charges in December and was supposed to return to court in February, where he was going to be sentenced to as much as nine months in jail, followed by three years’ probation.

When he did not show up, a $75,000 court appearance bond was put on his court files; and he has been held by Stamford police since Thursday morning on the failure to appear in court charges.


Police say Wednesday’s killing was motivated by jealousy. Friends that the two men had in common reportedly suggested to police that Perez-Mateo and the stabbing victim were involved in a love triangle with the same woman.

The second-degree assault charge stems from an incident on Frederick Street in January 2018 in which Perez-Mateo was accused of striking another man with his minivan, court records show. Police said the man was in a great deal of pain, had his ear partially torn away from his scalp and had fresh bruises and cuts to the right side of his face, according to a report of the incident.

The victim told police that he had sold Perez-Mateo his car and was arguing with him about being paid the $1,000 for it when Perez-Mateo struck him with the vehicle. Perez-Mateo was charged with first-degree assault but a subsequent plea agreement had him plead guilty to second-degree assault.

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