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BC-Entries Los Alamitos

May 15, 2019 GMT

1st_$8,000, mdn cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up F&M, 4f.<

Princess Zenn;123;Empress Songbird;123
Affirmative Jane;120;Alwayslittlesister;120
Huganamericanhero;120;Inform Me;120

2nd_$10,000, cl $6,250-$6,250, 3YO up F&M, .<

Blooming Hannah;124;Nana's Rule;124
Madame Mousse;124;Tuesdays Supernova;124
Cioppino Pasadino;124;Stella's Princess;124

3rd_$9,200, cl $6,250-$6,250, 3YO, 3f.<

Break Your Plans;124;Childhood;124
Hard to Please;119;Separate Intensions;119
Willy Nelson;124;Redneck Woman;119
Pats Rock Star;119

4th_$9,500, , 2YO, 3f.<

Runforyourlife;124;Approval Given;124
Hangar 24;124;Gentlemen James;124
My Great Secret;124;A Cartel for Jess;124
Trents Toys;124;He Better Fly;124
Thanks for That;124

5th_$8,500, , 2YO F, 3f.<

Fly the Heights;124;Tribal Fire;124
Favoriteladymelania;124;A Mere Bail;124
Fire and Sauce;124;Taradise;124
Look of Love Mv;124

6th_$8,500, , 2YO, 3f.<

Flokie;124;Kick It Papa Joe;124
Fast Thinking;124;Woo;124
Unrelentless One;124;Cm Singing the Blues;124
Sizzling Secret V;124


7th_$8,500, , 2YO F, 3f.<

Aquachick;124;Firey Eddie Jean;124
Lidonna;124;She Runs by You;124
Famous Roses Mrl;124;Giving Freely;124
Jess a Favorite Kiss;124

8th_$11,525, alc, 3YO (NW3 L), 1f.<

Jess Bein Me;124;Tres Delight;119
Oatie Three;124;Manhunter;119
Feature Ms Bo;119

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