Cleveland rock band, Lottery League alum Forager premieres ‘Deadbeat Suite’

January 30, 2018

Cleveland rock band, Lottery League alum Forager premieres ‘Deadbeat Suite’

CLEVELAND, Ohio – In a way, Forager was put together by fate. The five-piece rock band formed in the 2016 Lottery League, a bracket-styled music tournament. The event pieced bands together by drawing musicians’ names from a hat.

For Forager, that random drawing created a dream team of established Cleveland musicians: bassist and singer Raye Hart, guitarist Joe Wheelock, cellist Eric M. C. Gonzalez and guitarist Jimmy Thain.

All four musicians had been involved in past Cleveland acts, including Agleam, The Powerhead Kids, Nate Jones Band, Cats and Sailors and more.

After Lottery League wrapped up, the band added drummer Matt Nelson to round out Forager’s lineup.

Hart said that as far as she knows, Forager is the only Lottery League band that remains together currently.

“None of us knew each other when we got put in the band together, and then we had 10 minutes to write 10 minutes of music,” she said. “The first time we all got together, we were talking about what we all wanted to do as a band, and one of those things was to record.”

The band started working, playing shows around town, including opening sets for Cloud Nothings, Best Coast and Bad Bad Hats. It’s played at Studio-A-Rama music festival and at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the Lottery League showcase concert.

In summer 2017, Forager recorded its first EP. Now finished, the band’s first project will debut on Feb. 10.

Today, you can get a sneak peek of the album with the band’s new song, “Deadbeat Suite.” Listen to the premiere below.

The song, written by Hart, comes from a personal story. “I had my heart smashed. I was reflecting on why [a relationship] wasn’t working and trying not to be sad about it,” she said. ”[The song] has a lot to do with spending time thinking in my room, because I’m really introverted and I spend a lot of time working on stuff in my little apartment.”

The name “Deadbeat Suite,” Hart says, comes from a nickname she has for her apartment.

“It was reflecting on this little world I had created with this person who was no longer there,” she said.

The song is one of five on the surfy garage-rock EP, recorded with singer-songwriter Brian Straw and mastered by Dave Piatek. Hart created original art for the EP.

The EP’s vintage sound matches its release format—Forager will sell copies of the EP on cassette tape. Along with the cassette, listeners will receive a digital download.

The tapes will be on sale at 

Forager’s Feb. 10 EP release show

at the Happy Dog, 5801 Detroit Rd, Cleveland, OH 44102. Also performing at the show are local rock bands Sweepyheads and Mild Animals. Tickets are $5.