Western Bark beetles affecting Hualapai trees

September 17, 2018 GMT

Mohave County parks officials say they detected an increase in bark beetle activity in the Hualapai Mountains.

Bark beetles are responsible for killing healthy trees around the western United States, leaving forests vulnerable to fire. The County has been working with the state and the Bureau of Land Management to identify the extent of the Bark Beetle infestation and develop mitigation solutions. Arizona State Forestry officials have identified the western bark beetle as the insect that is impacting the Hualapai Mountain Park area, according to the county.

Many of the infested trees have been weakened by years of drought, fire, and other high factor weather conditions. Mohave County Parks has a mitigation plan in place and will be working over the next several months to remove impacted trees located inside the Hualapai Mountain Park to contain the outbreak.

The Hualapai Mountain Park will remain open to the public while removal of the impacted trees is in progress.