UN to meet at Russia’s request on recent US missile test

August 21, 2019 GMT

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. Security Council will hold an open meeting Thursday at Russia’s request on a U.S. missile test that would have been banned under a treaty that both Washington and Moscow abandoned earlier this month.

Russia’s deputy U.N. ambassador, Dmitry Polyansky, told reporters Wednesday that Moscow called for the meeting “because of the threats the U.S. pronounced on the deployment and development of the missiles, in breach of the agreements.”

In his words: “The urgency is that there are a lot of threats. We are on eve of the new arms race. We want to discuss this issue.”


The Trump administration accused Russia of being unwilling to stop violating the 1987 intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Russia accused the U.S. violating the agreement. Both withdrew from the treaty Aug. 2.