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‘Twin Peaks’ Wins Time Period in Nielsen Ratings

April 11, 1990

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ ABC’s ″America’s Funniest Home Videos″ maintained its viewer appeal in the latest Nielsen ratings and the second-place network’s much-heralded premiere of ″Twin Peaks″ also scaled to lofty heights.

The new nighttime soap opera that chronicles sex, violence, junk food and power in a small Washington state lumber town was the No. 5 show, according to the latest A.C. Nielsen Co. ratings released Tuesday.

Back-to-back episodes of ″America’s Funniest Home Videos,″ pairing an original show with a repeat, ranked first and tied for second with NBC’s ″Cheers.″

It’s against ″Cheers″ that ″Twin Peaks″ must compete when the new show created by David Lynch assumes its regular time slot at 9 p.m. Thursday.

The highly rated ″Cheers″ is part of NBC’s blockbuster Thursday line-up that includes ″The Cosby Show,″ which ranked fourth for the week ended April 8, and ″A Different World,″ which placed seventh.

The No. 6 slot belonged to Monday night’s showdown between the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and Duke University for the college basketball crown.

Although it hardly ranked as drama, with Las Vegas routing the Blue Devils 103-73, the matchup of straight-laced Duke and Jerry Tarkanian’s glitter city rebels apparently enticed viewers.

″Carol & Co.,″ featuring Carol Burnett and an ensemble cast, was in 10th place after premiering two weeks ago on NBC.

Mid-season replacements ″Bagdad Cafe,″ starring Whoopi Goldberg and Jean Stapleton on CBS and the highly publicized ″Equal Justice,″ on ABC, ranked 36th and 40th, respectively.

For the week, NBC was back in first place with a 13.7 average, followed by ABC with 12.8, and CBS with 11.6. Each ratings point represents 921,000 homes.

In the previous Nielsen poll, ABC’s 3 1/2 -hour Oscar broadcast had helped to push NBC out of the top spot it had occupied for 23 weeks.

The Top 10 shows, their network and rating: ″America’s Funniest Home Videos,″ ABC, 22.3; ″America’s Funniest Home Videos″ and ″Cheers,″ NBC, tied for second with 21.9; ″The Bill Cosby Show,″ NBC, 21.8; ″Twin Peaks,″ ABC, 21.7; NCAA Basketball Championship, CBS, 20; ″A Different World,″ NBC, 19.7; ″Unsolved Mysteries,″ NBC,18.6; ″Roseanne,″ ABC, 18.4 and ″Carol & Co., NBC, 17.5.

Fox’s Sunday night comedy block continued to pull in viewers, with ″The Simpsons″ ranking 31st with 13.2, and ″Married ... With Children″ snagging 21st place with 14.5.

ABC’s ″World News Tonight with Peter Jennings″ was the No. 1 network news show with a 10.2 in average ratings. ″NBC Nightly News″ and ″The CBS Evening News″ tied for second place with 8.9.