McDonald’s robber sentenced to prison

April 8, 2019 GMT

A Blackfoot man who robbed a local McDonald’s restaurant in November was recently sentenced to prison.

According to police reports, Charles Nelson Beasley Jr., 50, walked up to the counter, showed a gun to the cashier and told the cashier to hand him all the money in the register.

Beasley was sentenced to two years fixed and 10 indeterminate in prison. He was fined $750.

The cashier gave Beasley $134. Beasley fled while the cashier continued to serve customers to avoid making a scene, and because “he did not want the customer to experience lesser customer service because of the incident,” according to an Idaho Falls Police Department report.

Surveillance footage captured the robbery. Beasley was identified by a tattoo on his forehead of the Roman numeral III. He was found at his mother’s house in Blackfoot. Police determined the gun was a BB gun.

Defense Attorney John Thomas asked the judge to put Beasley on a rider program. He said Beasley had a long criminal history, including previous association with a gang, but had been trying to turn his life around. Beasley had left the gang and had several tattoos removed. Thomas said Beasley suffered from a mental health disorder and was having difficulties the day of the robbery.

“He’s had a tough life. He’s lived some tough years,” Thomas said. “But I think he can be brought back into society.”

Bonneville County Chief Deputy Prosecutor John Dewey said Beasley had four other robberies in his criminal history and that a treatment program was inappropriate given the seriousness of the crime.

District Judge Joel Tingey agreed with Dewey, refusing to give Beasley a rider program. Tingey said a rider program would diminish the seriousness of threatening a store employee with a gun.

“That’s not something I’m sure you really ever get over,” Tingey said.