Providence city councilman files for bankruptcy

February 27, 2019

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A Providence city councilman who is accused of embezzling and misspending campaign money has filed for bankruptcy.

Democratic City Councilman Luis Aponte filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Friday, claiming that he owes $300,000 to Cost Realty Inc. a real estate business owned by Democratic state Rep. Gregory Costantino. WPRI-TV reports Aponte listed $3,700 in assets in his filing.

Aponte currently faces a felony embezzlement charge for allegedly misspending campaign money, which resulted in him stepping down as council president in 2017. Aponte was re-elected to the city council last year.

The filing does not list $50,347 he owes the R.I. Board of Elections for belatedly filing quarterly campaign finance reports over the years.

Aponte declined to comment Tuesday. His bankruptcy lawyer also declined comment.