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May 25, 2020 GMT

PlayBeatz You see it more and more often and actually it has become almost a bit commonplace: When people are on the road, they listen to a lot of music. Most people pair the headphones with their smartphone right away and enjoy the music on it, while at the same time being able to take calls that arrive on the phone during this time. However, good headsets are hard to find these days and often very expensive. In addition, some providers only equip the headphones with certain features so that they are only compatible with special devices. If you then want to own a model that has no cables at all, there are even more difficulties to find a good product. The PlayBeatz, on the other hand, offers just that, plus a lot of features that you can take advantage of on the road. We would like to introduce the product below and explain how compatible it is.

What is PlayBeatz?

PlayBeatz is a pair of earphones that fit inside the ear and provide a pleasant sound. They are not connected via a Chinch plug, but via Bluetooth. The nice thing about them is that they look a lot like other earphones, but they are relatively expensive. However, the quality is consistently good. For charging, the plugs are put into a supplied case, which is also ideal for storing the earphones on the road. Besides listening to music, it is also possible to make phone calls with the earphones.

PlayBeatz technical facts

Lets now turn to the technical features of the earphones, as they are a major factor in deciding for or against PlayBeatz. We would like to summarize the characteristics in a list:

-Current Bluetooth standard A2DP1.3, HSP1.2, AVRCP1.6, D11

-High range

-Up to 100 hours stand-by battery life

-Compatible with iOS, Android and other operating systems

-Also suitable for calls, thanks to integrated microphone

As you can see, the earphones have all the prerequisites for a good and balanced performance. They connect easily via modern Bluetooth and are therefore suitable for a wide range of devices. These include not only the smartphone but also the tablet and other Bluetooth devices that can be used. Thanks to its multiple compatibility, the PlayBeatz are a good pair of earphones that youll want to take with you and never want to go without again.

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Why should this product help me?

Anyone who likes to listen to good music that has a great sound usually looks for a pair of earphones that they can pair with their smartphone. However, there are usually two problems: The headphones are too big and there are more and more smartphones or other devices that work without a connection. It is therefore important that the earphones support Bluetooth. However, most models in this category are relatively expensive and are often only suitable for certain smartphone models. The PlayBeatz presented here are a pair of earphones that work with many operating systems and can therefore be used for many purposes. The manufacturer promises the following features:

-Extremely high quality

-Latest Bluetooth mode

-Powerful rechargeable battery

-Incoming and outgoing telephone calls can be made

-Compatible with iOS, Android and other operating systems

If you are listening to music, you can easily answer an incoming call. When the call is finished, the system switches back to music mode. PlayBeatz are in principle suitable for anyone who wants to buy a good device with which they can listen to music and use it as a headset. In addition to smartphones, tablets and laptops can of course also be paired with PlayBeatz. Just about everything that has a Bluetooth connection.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of PlayBeatz?

To make the decision to buy a PlayBeatz headset a little easier, we have compared the advantages and disadvantages of PlayBeatz below. This will help you make a better judgement about the earphones and decide whether they are right for you.


-Easy to use

-Easy connectivity

-Good sound

-Long battery life

-Also suitable for calls

-Compatible with iOS and Android, and other operating systems

-Current technology with Bluetooth is supported


-None known

From these lists, its also easy to see that the PlayBeatz are a pair of earphones that are easy to use. They deliver good sound and support the latest technology. Thanks to their wide compatibility, they are suitable for any smartphone user, no matter what phone model they have. The use of the earphones is supported in the long term, because they are always ready for use. All in all, the PlayBeatz have only advantages.

Who is the target group for PlayBeatz?

A big advantage of PlayBeatz is that they are completely uncomplicated and their function is practically self-explanatory. This makes them attractive to a broad target group that is both young and old. Even older people can benefit from using the earphones and experience great music enjoyment. Apart from age, gender is of course also not a major factor, as both men and women can use PlayBeatz equally. They also have a fit that fits every ear. The fact that no cables are used means that the handset fits securely and shouldnt fall out of your ear, even if you move around a lot. As you can see, basically anyone can benefit from their use, as long as they are looking for a good headset that is comfortable to carry and wear, but still performs well.

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Are there any known technical problems or limitations?

We couldnt find any negative features of the PlayBeatz that caused a problem in our research. So we can answer this question with a clear no. However, when using the PlayBeatz you should make sure that you use it correctly, as intended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you may of course experience connection problems or other difficulties. The decisive factor is always that the respective technical standards are the same and the two devices are therefore compatible with each other. As far as the operating system is concerned, the PlayBeatz are not choosy and work with both iOS and Android, as well as other operating systems.

PlayBeatz reviews

When we were researching PlayBeatz, we also looked for the opinions of others and wanted to know if they were comfortable with the earphones. The main advantage of these earphones is that they can be used by any age group. Because they are easy to use, they can be used by virtually anyone who wants to listen to good music and expects good sound. Gender and age group are completely irrelevant. Most users described that PlayBeatz fit well in the ear and produce a great sound that can be heard on the go even when there is ambient noise. Most users did not want to let PlayBeatz out of their hands and therefore recommend it highly. The uncomplicated handling via Bluetooth and the compatibility with several devices was praised. Many spoke of a balanced price-performance ratio and had nothing wrong with the earphones. Some even gave the PlayBeatz away as a gift because they were convinced of the quality and wanted to make others happy. The tone of most users was very positive, but we could not find any negative opinions.

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PlayBeatz Seal of Quality

There is no official quality seal for the headphones. However, it can be said that they have a good workmanship, which is at least what the manufacturer promises.

Where can I buy PlayBeatz?

It is best to buy PlayBeatz directly from the manufacturer. They sell the Bluetooth earphones on their own website, where they also have special offers. Within these special offers, it is possible to buy several different versions of the Bluetooth earphones, each pair being cheaper. Ergo: the more PlayBeatz you order, the cheaper the individual model becomes. Its therefore worth ordering more than one and checking the website regularly. This way, you can not only give the earphones away, but also have a PlayBeatz model in your pocket everywhere. Ordering is very easy, as you only have to fill out a form and press a button at the end. Additionally, there is a very comfortable way of payment. There are several options available for this, including Paypal and credit card, both of which are considered very risk-free payment methods and can be used without any problems. After ordering, it only takes a few days until the goods are shipped and finally arrive at you. Then you can use PlayBeatz right away. The manufacturer also offers its customers the option to return the PlayBeatz if they are not satisfied with the earphones. There is actually no better way.

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What is the PlayBeatz price?

Usually, these types of headphones are very expensive. As already mentioned, the PlayBeatz look very similar to the Apple model, which are of course also very expensive. Usually such modern headphones are always a bit more expensive, but this is not the case with the PlayBeatz. It can be said that they are in a lower price segment, considering their performance and also their design. There are also options to save even more money when buying them. As already described, the manufacturer offers the option to order several devices at once on its homepage. Such graduated offers have the characteristic that one does not only get several models of the PlayBeatz but also pays much less for the single model than if one orders a single model. This describes a clear advantage compared to other offers of this kind. So if youre planning to order the PlayBeatz, you might even want to get together with a few friends or acquaintances who can then order one of the special offers together. In principle, everyone makes a profit with it and receives a pair of quality headphones that you dont want to miss anymore.

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Now lets get to the final FAQs, the questions that everyone has when they are learning about the product:

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: The buyer has 30 days after purchase to return the PlayBeatz and will receive his money back. Without annoying questions.

Q: How secure is the data transfer?

A: Very secure! PlayBeatzs use 256-bit SSL encryption, which protects the user absolutely.

Q: Is it difficult to set up the headphones?

A: No, the device is designed to require as little effort as possible to pair the product and a mobile device. Unpack, get started! Thats all there is to it!

Q: Can I wear the PlayBeatz during sports?

A: Yes, that is no problem. The plugs fit so well in most users ears that they dont even fall out.

Q: Can I charge the earphones while Im on the move?

A: Yes! Ideally, this should take place directly in the case provided. Simply insert the plugs into the slots provided and the case will fully recharge the earphones within an hour. To ensure that the case is fully charged, a USB port must be used to supply the case with sufficient power.

Q: Do I need a specific connector for use?

A: No! The headphones work via Bluetooth and usually connect to the device automatically even after unpacking.

Q: How long is the stand-by time?

A: That depends on the respective use. In stand-by mode, the headphones have a runtime of 72 hours. If you make phone calls or listen to music, they have a battery life of more than three hours.

Q: Do the headphones have the same features as the Air Pods?

A: Yes and no. The headphones are equipped with a sensor that activates Siri on demand and changes the music track when pressed three times.

Q: Is the case too big to take with you?

A: No. It is a small size and fits perfectly in your pocket. Therefore it is not necessary to carry a separate bag.

Contact Info

The manufacturer is a Dutch company, which also offers other products in its product range besides PlayBeatz. The complete address is: Strong Current Enterprises Limited, Postbus 202, 6670AE Zetten, The Netherlands. There is also an email address for questions that can be addressed. The correct e-mail address is: However, you may want to use English in your correspondence to get a correct and meaningful answer.


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