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Learning to give back

November 2, 2017 GMT

La PORTE — The Kiwanis K Kids of Hailmann Elementary have learned to give back in a big way, raising $400 for those who’s lives have been upheaved by the floods in Houston caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Kiwanis Advisor Linda Komp said the $400 was used to purchase 200 hygiene kits from the Kiwanis International website, which have been shipped directly to Houston’s regional Kiwanis Club for dispersal. The hygiene kits include items like shaving cream, razors and combs.

“Because everything got washed out, it would be bad to have bad hygiene without any deodorant, soap and things,” said Hailmann K Kids President Hannah Lewis.

The Hailmann K Kids board consists of Lewis, Vice President Anton Raggs, Secretary Peyton Adamson and Treasurer Crysalyn Daniels. Together, all the board members decided on the cause of raising money for the hurricane victims, calling the project “From Hailmann to Houston.”

“We’re just hoping the stuff that we raised will make a difference,” said Adamson.

The $400 was raised by leaving buckets in all the classrooms in Hailmann Elementary and encouraging students to toss in their spare change.

“I felt like it was sort of a relief to make them feel better,” Lewis said.

The K Kids continue to try and impact lives in whatever ways they can. Their current project is collecting food items to donate to La Porte Salvation Army’s food pantry. The act of giving and helping strangers makes all the kids feel good, the board members agreed.

“It makes the whole world feel better again,” Raggs said.