Chesson’s status unclear for start of UM camp

August 3, 2016 GMT

It remains unclear how healthy Michigan receiver Jehu Chesson, the team MVP last season, is coming off a leg injury suffered in the New Year’s Day bowl game as the Wolverines prepare for the start of camp on Monday.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh last week at the Big Ten media days in Chicago said Chesson would be ready for camp.

When asked Tuesday during the Nike-Michigan uniform unveiling in Detroit, Harbaugh was less clear regarding Chesson’s status.

“Here’s the thing you’ve got to understand, somebody could be cleared by the doctors, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready for 100 percent football,” Harbaugh said. “So cleared, come back, see where they’re at, then there’s a process that still has to take place.”

Does that mean Chesson is cleared?

“I can’t say exactly where he is in relation to Amara Darboh right now or Grant Perry, but excited to see,” Harbaugh said, referring to two of Michigan’s full-go receivers. “That process is very near.”

A player can be “cleared”, but there are many layers.

“That’s the thing -- cleared, clear, what does that mean?” Harbaugh said.

“There’s still a process that occurs ... cleared doesn’t mean 100 percent. It means a percentage that you see when he comes back to football and then you could say, ’OK, he’s at 60 percent or 70 percent or 80 percent or 90 percent or 100 percent.”