On the frontlines for humanity

May 16, 2019 GMT

SPEARFISH — Tarita Silk recently completed a ceremonial walk from Spearfish to Rapid City to raise awareness for and spread her message of putting out good vibrations, and this summer she’s planning to take those good vibrations all the way to our nation’s capital.

Silk, who is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and is a Spearfish resident, said she received a vision in which she was tasked with providing the world with as much good energy as she could through love - loving herself, loving humanity, and loving life.

“This is your planet, you live on it, you belong to it, you’ve got to take care of it,” she said.


In her vision, she was given a very specific set of instructions; however, her guides were a little more vague on how she was to go about achieving them.

“It was love, show, teach,” she said. “That was very prominent.”

So Silk began to research how love can save the planet and what she discovered for herself is that there is inherent current of energy which flows through everything, even the very Earth on which we live. As that energy passes through us, it can carry our positivity or negativity with it onto the next object it passes through, whether that’s another person, a plant or animal, or even the Earth itself.

“So, therefore, anything you’re thinking goes into the planet. Good or bad,” she said.

Silk said its taken her around five years of soul-searching to discover how best she can serve the planet and limit the negative energy she puts back in the Earth.

“You’re empowering yourself when you forgive people that have wronged you,” she said. “(And forgive yourself) for the bad things you think you did that hold you down. And you have to not blame people.”

Silk said, for her, the most effective way to accomplish that forgiveness is to go for a walk to clear her head and listen to her heart.

“The heart never lies,” Silk said. “The mind can go and tell you crazy stuff.”

So Silk began taking walks to help purge her negativity and allow clean, fresh energy to flow through her, but the more she walked, the more attention she was getting, which fulfilled the next two instructions from her vision: show and teach.

Silk said as she was planning her walk to Rapid City, a friend of hers who does a radio show in California suggested that she up the anti and walk all the way to Washington, D.C.

“He said, ‘Tarita, go there and we’ll be there,’” she explained.

So she got started making arrangements to walk all the way across the country to spreading ripples of positively charged energy as she goes. Silk said she’s expecting around 20 core members of her group that will travel along with pilot vehicles to be used for medical or weather elated emergencies, and an RV which will serve as a mobile media office so she can network with the places they plan to stop.


“It’ll be just like a camping, road tripping, walking trip,” she said. “But spiritual.”

She said the group will be passing through and stopping in towns as they go, and anyone in the community will be invited to walk with them for as long as they like. When they finally reach Washington, there will be a Native American gathering that will also be open to the public.

Silk plans to leave June 7 and estimates it should take around 12 days to get there, which would require the group to walk approximately 138 miles a day.

To follow the progress of the walk for humanity group, visit www.jimmychurchradio.com.

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