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Psychiatrist: Jeffrey Dahmer Did Lobotomies on Drugged Victims

January 19, 1992 GMT

MADISON, Wis. (AP) _ Jeffrey L. Dahmer did lobotomies on some of his victims while they were drugged, then strangled them and dissected the corpses when his experiments failed, a forensic psychiatrist said.

Dahmer drilled holes in their heads to deaden a portion of their brains and poured fluids in their skulls, said Dr. Frederick Fosdal, hired by prosecutors to examine Dahmer.

″He had hoped to control and keep them around longer by making them zombie-like,″ Fosdal told the Wisconsin State Journal in a story published Sunday.

Fosdal was hired by prosecutors to examine Dahmer after the body parts of 11 males were found in his Milwaukee apartment in July. He admitted to police he killed and mutilated 17 males.

On Jan. 13, Dahmer pleaded guilty but insane to 15 of the killings. He confessed to having sex with some of the corpses and saving one man’s heart to eat.

Fosdal, who has a private practice in Madison and teaches at the University of Wisconsin’s medical school, said Dahmer, 31, told him he drugged his victims and performed the brain operations while they were unconscious.

Dahmer, a medic in the Army, experimented with a variety of chemicals on animals during his childhood in Ohio, published reports have said. His father, Lionel, is a chemist. Police found a barrel of undetermined chemicals in Dahmer’s bedroom.

Fosdal said Dahmer dismembered victims merely as a means of disposal.

″They were not brutal, sadistic acts. He said he killed them in the most painless way he knew,″ he said. ″It all boils down to the question of control.″

Fosdal interviewed Dahmer for 20 hours during five sessions. Fosdal is expected to testify during a trial to determine whether Dahmer was insane at the time of the killings. Jury selection was scheduled to begin Jan. 27.

If found insane, Dahmer could be sentenced to a mental institution where, after a year of treatment, he could petition for release every six months. If judged sane, Dahmer would receive a mandatory life prison sentence for each slaying.

Fosdal said he found nothing in his examination of Dahmer to support an insanity plea.