Piping plovers continue to bounce back in Maine

June 17, 2019 GMT

OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine (AP) — The number of nesting piping plovers in Maine has climbed to record numbers, continuing a positive trend in the state for the endangered birds.

Piping plovers have been on the endangered species list for more than 30 years. The Coastal Bird Project counted 83 of the nesting birds in June, an increase of 15 from last year’s record of 68.

The Portland Press Herald reports this month’s total is also more than double the number of nesting pairs 10 years ago.


Coastal Bird Project says the return of the plovers has a lot to do with an increase in educational outreach. Efforts have been made to make sure beachgoers share beaches where the birds nest. Plovers are sensitive to human disruption, which can cause them to abandon nests.