Utah Jazz issue lifetime ban to fan amid racial comment allegations

March 12, 2019 GMT

The Utah Jazzy have banned a fan for life after a heated confrontation with Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook in which the NBA star threatened the man and his wife after hearing, what Westbrooks says were, “completely disrespectful” and “racial” comments from the fan.

A video captured Westbrook tellingShane Keisel, a 45-year-old from Utah, “I’ll [expletive] you up.” In a statement to reporters after the game, Westbrook said Keisel told him to “get down on your knees like you’re used to.”

Speaking to multiple outlets, Keiseldenied having said anything offensive specifically telling ESPN he was yelling to “ice up those knees.”

Westbrooks’ teammates backed up the guard’s account of the incident.

On Tuesday, the Jazz banned the fan, saying an investigation found “excessive and verbal abuse” directed at Westbrook.

Statement from the Utah Jazz: pic.twitter.com/L3eYolvrpq Utah Jazz (@utahjazz) March 12, 2019